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By Jiusion | 29 May 2020 | 9 Comments

Failure to verify the driver and how to update it in Windows

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Failure to verify the driver will result in the following:
1) Can't find the microscope device.

2) The "GL USB2.0 UVC Camera Device" in "Device Manager" appears a yellow triangle.

Windows cannot verify the digital signature "GL USB2.0 UVC Camera Device" (this driver can make the zoom button work on Amcap). To solve this problem, we can
(1)Disable Secure Boot in BIOS settings to get the driver verified by Windows.
(2)Uninstall the "GL USB2.0 UVC Camera Device". The computer will automatically install a generic driver instead.
  Disable Secure Boot Uinstall the "GL USB2.0 UVC Camera Device"
Easy to set up ×
Zoom button works ×

Disable Secure Boot

Step 1 Enter BIOS Settings. You can often access this menu by pressing a key while your PC is booting, such as F1, F2, F12, DEL or Esc.

Step 2 Find the Secure Boot setting in your BIOS menu. If possible, set it to Disabled. This option is usually in either the Security tab, the Boot tab, or the Authentication tab.

Step 3 Switch to Exit tab, highlight Exit Saving Changes, and highlight Yes to save the BIOS settings. The PC reboots.
Step 4 Open the "Device Manager" and connect the microscope. Check if the yellow triangle on "GL USB2.0 UVC Camera Device" disappears.

Uninstall the "GL USB2.0 UVC Camera Device" driver

Step 1 Open the Device Manager (search "Device Manager" in Cortana or click "Control Panel > System and Security > System > Device Manager). Click "Imaging devices" and right-click the "GL USB2.0 UVC Camera Device". Select "Uninstall device".

Step 2 Select "Delete the driver software for this device" and click "Uninstall".

Step 3 Unplug the microscope from computer and replug it again. You will find the microscope device as "USB2.0 UVC PC Camera" under "Cameras" menu in Device Manager. Now you can use the microscope.


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